Sugama Security Deposit

The Sugama Security Scheme is intended for accepting amount outstanding in Sugama Deposits as security towards future liability in chitty and other schemes. The advantage under this scheme is that the advance will be secured and the monthly instalments can be adjusted from the account and at the same time the customers can enjoy interest income on the Sugama Deposit.

Sugama Security Account is to be opened in the name of the subscriber only either by depositing the future liability in cash or by transfer. No further remittance by any mode is allowed in this account. The deposit amount should atleast be the future liability. However, in the case of combined security the deposit amount can be limited to the shortage of security of chitty amount.

Rate of interest will be the same as for Sugama Account. (Now 5.5%). The depositor can withdraw the interest accrued and credited to the account from time to time. He can withdraw the balance in the account after termination of the liability or on providing alternate security.

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