About Loans
& Advances

Although Chitty is essentially a loan/advance scheme, for subscribers whose chitties are not getting prized and, at the same time if they are in need of money, relief has been provided by two loan schemes built within the chitty scheme, viz. Chitty Pass Book Loan and Chitty Loan. Also, KSFE offers other loans/advances, comparable to those given by bank and other financial institutions.

All types of loans are available from KSFE to satisfy the needs of the customer.  The most important loans are House loans, Personal loans, Gold loans, Chit loans and Consumer/Vehicle Loan .

Fast Processing

Speedy processing of Loans is ensured by all units of KSFE so that customers can avail the loan to meet their emergency.Security norms of KSFE are viable and simple.

Low Interest Rate

All loan schemes of KSFE have very low interest rates and no other hidden charges. No extra charges will be levied, at any time when the loan is closed in advance or when any lumpsum payment is made to loan.Processing charges of KSFE is comparatively low and affordable to middle class.

54 Years of Trusted Services

We Thank More Than 50 lakhs of Our Satisfied Customers, For Your Trust And Faith.








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