Chitty Loan

Eligibility for chitty loan.

If you are a non-prized subscriber in a chitty and remitted 10% of the total number of instalments promptly, you are eligible for an advance up to 50% of the total chitty amount or sala (gross subscription to be remitted per month multiplied by the number of instalments in the Chitty).

What is the maximum amount of advance?

The maximum amount of advance is Rs.1,00,00,000/- under this category.

How are the Principal and the interest of the Chitty loan settled?

The principal of the advance is settled by adjustment from the Chitty Prize Money.However the interest has to be remitted every month.

What is Chitty Loan For?

Chitty Loan is a bridge between your actual financial need and the delay in chitty getting prized in your favour

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