Janamithram Gold Loan

Janamithram Gold Loan is intended to make the repayment to Gold Loan on EMI basis

The main features of the loan are

  • Tenure of the loan is one year
  • Interest Rate is 4.90%- Principle+Interest to be repaid in 12 equal installments .
  • Due date of the loan will be the date of loan disbursal.
  • Maximum loan amount that can be availed by a person is limited to Rs.10 Lakhs per day. In case of default penal interest 12% will be levied.
  • No processing charge is levied.
  • Lumpsum remittance to loan to reduce the EMI amount is not allowed.
  • Partial redemption of ornaments is allowed once in the loan period only after remittance of six installment.
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