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    KSFE Bhadratha Smart Chitty 2021

    For  the financial year 2021-22 , we have introduced a unique schemes namely KSFE Bhadratha Smart Chitty 2021.

    The duration of this scheme is from 1st July 2021 to 28th February 2022.

    KSFE  Bhadratha Smart Chitty  2021 offers a number of prizes at the State, Regional and Branch levels as well as this scheme assures some benefits

    1. Loan facility for purchase of laptop and household equipments
    2. Chitty loan up to 50% of sala  is available for nonprized subscriberes .
    3. Liability up to 25 lakhs will be written off   in case of unfortunately death of prized subscribers .

    New Chitty

    KSFE Bhadratha Smart Chitty 2021- Prizes

    First Prize
    TATA EVXZ + LUX Electric Car
    OR Rs. 18 Lakhs
    Region Level Prizes
    Hero Electric Bike (61 numbers )
    OR Rs. 50000/-
    Region Level Prizes
    Acer/HP Laptop (122 numbers)
    OR Rs. 25000/-
    Branch Level Prize
    GOLD coin 1 or 2gram for 1 or 2 person in each chitty

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