Now with KSFE Pravasi Chitties, you can contribute to the development of the State. Wondering how? The Large scale migration of Malayalees, majorily to the Gulf region has played a major role in Kerala’s Economy. A Kerala government survey showed that remittances sent by the diaspora support at least 50 lakh people in the state, which has a population of 3.15 crores. Rs.10,000 crores out of a total of Rs.50,000 crores for various developmental activities for the next five years of the state are expected to be raised through NRI chitties. In this way, you can secure your hard earned money and become part of our society’s developmental endeavor. KSFE Pravasi  Chitty is specifically designed for Keralites working or settled abroad. A long pending demand for a NRI Chitty has been realized with the recent approval of RBI. After all, it is our responsibility to serve you better.

KSFE cares for you!

We offer Insurance coverage and pension schemes. In case of failure in the remittance of chitty installments due to accident, death or permanent disability, KSFE will take care of the remaining payment through insurance coverage facility. There is also a provision for the subscriber to link the chitty with pension fund/scheme.

KIIFB is the technical partner of KSFE Pravasi Chitties.

What is KIIFB?

KIIFB is a government institution to mobilize funds for the long-term developmental projects of the State government. NRI Chitties is considered to be one of the major sources of revenue for KIIFB. Another major advantage of KIIFB is that it allows the investors/subscribers to be part of the development of the state without any financial liability.

Best available technologies

Each step of the chitty is simplified by enabling online banking facilities along with specially designed mobile app. Through online facilities, anybody from anywhere in the world can take part in the chitty activities very easily. Procedures such as membership, payment of monthly subscription and participating in auctions can be done via online facilities. A 24*7 grievance Redressal virtual office operates at Infopark.

How to apply?

You can apply online from anywhere in the world by uploading copy of VISA/passport. ( പ്രവാസി ചിട്ടി )

Payment method

The installment can be remitted via online gateways or using the KSFE Mobile App.


KSFE now facilitates easy participation in auctions from anywhere in the world using your Smartphone. The date and time of auction will be notified in advance.

Availing Prize money

Prize money can be availed by submitting any of the documents listed below as security.

  • Property security
  • Personal security
  • Bank guarantee
  • Gold security
  • Insurance policy

Relatives of NRIs who is a resident of Kerala can be nominated for the power of attorney. The nominated person shall complete the procedure from any KSFE branch in Kerala.

Customer satisfaction is the priority

KSFE has worked over the years towards perfecting the services offered. NRI chitty is one of the recent chitty schemes introduced by the institution. This innovative chitty is very much designed to meet the needs of NRIs. With the help of latest technologies, chitty procedures are now made simple and manageable.

KSFE aims at your financial security along with growth of the society.