The annual interest rate in case of deposits from the public is 7.00% per annum.Interest for chitty prize money deposits is 7.50% per annum. Due to the monthly payment of interest, the effective rate will be higher than this rate. Senior citizen* will get 8.00 % for fresh deposits.The returns are much higher than that…

Trade Finance

Purpose: An advance for the small-scale traders to enhance their working capital. Limit: Upto Rs.1-lakhs Eligibility: The applicant should have a small-scale trading venture. The proof for the same such as license from the local body, lease deed etc. has to be produced. The Manager concerned will conduct a site inspection to ascertain the location…

Dream your Home

KSFE Housing Loan For what purposes can I avail of Housing Finance? This finance is available for : Building your dream house Purchase of house plots Outright purchase of house/flat Renovation of existing house Am I eligible for the advance? You are eligible for the advance if you belong to one of the following categories:…

Chitty Products

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  • Chitty Loan
  • Consumer/Vehicle Loan
  • KSFE Personal Loan
  • Gold Loan
  • Passbook Loan
  • Trade Finance
  • KSFE Housing Loan
  • Sugama Deposit
  • Fixed Deposit
  • Car Loan
  • Flexy Trade Loan
  • Sugama Security Scheme
  • Deposit-in-Trust Scheme
  • Safe Deposit Locker
  • Tax Planning Loan Scheme
  • Western Union Money Transfer
  • Securities Acceptable
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Advantage of KSFE

The Kerala State Financial Enterprises Limited, popularly known as KSFE, Is a Miscellaneous Non-Banking Finance Company, Is fully owned by the Government of Kerala. Is one of the most profit-making public sector undertaking of the State. Formed by the Government of Kerala with the objective of providing an alternative to the public from the private…


A person can enroll in a chitty either by visiting the Branch or through the agents of KSFE. You may either click the feed-back or directly ring to any one of the Branches which is nearer to your location.   Newly Announced Chitties List of Branches. CHITTY APPLICATION FORM (ചിട്ടി ഉടമ്പടി) (MONTHLY CHITTY)   (MULTI DIVISION) PROXY…


Chitty is a unique scheme incorporating the aspects of a recurring deposit and an advance scheme.  In chitty, the subscriber has an opportunity to bid and avail of advance which amounts to a certain percentage of the total denomination of the chitty (sala), whereas in recurring deposit the advance can be availed only on the…


Until 1969, Chit business in Kerala was under Private Monopoly.  Since its very inception, the business of ‘chit’ had been wide-open to an eclectic variety of mismanagements and corruption. The needy and the downtrodden were exploited by the private chit firms.  Lack of Government control left open many opportunities for new competitors in this beneficial…